Thank you for visiting my website I hope that you will find something that is of interest to you For those who are interested in family history, television programmes such as “Who Do You Think You  Are” has encouraged enthusiasts to move away from just name collecting to taking a more scholarly  approach to their research. This includes studying the local history of the parishes in which their  ancestors lived, the effect that it would have had on them and the part they played in this history.   In the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth century many books were written that will help family  and local historians.  The problem is that a lot of these were only produced in very small numbers and  those that have survived are prohibitively expensive, if they come up for sale.   The object of this website is to eventually have the largest collection of these rare books relating to the  West Country available, in good quality, to everyone on CD at a reasonable price.  USING THIS SITE There are a number of ways that you can use this website. The first is to choose a county that you are  interested in and then click on the button with that county on in the left hand margin.  This will take you  to the first page of this county and then you can browse from page to page seeing all titles for that  county.  Alternatively, once you are on the county page you can also filter what you look at by clicking  on one of the five buttons at the top of the page, such as Military subjects, Parish Register Transcripts  or perhaps various Tax Lists  Another option is to press the “Quick List” button, in the red left margin, and from this choose a county  that you are interested in. This will present you with a list of titles relating to that county. If you see any  that you like just click on that link for details.   HARD COPIES I understand that a lot of people do not like reading from a computer and I have produced most of the  publications so that they can be printed, either specific pages or the whole volume.   Also, if you have  an eBook reader that will accept PDF files, permission is granted so that you can also move a copy to  your reader.    POSTAGE March 2014. In the past I have been able to absorb postal price rises but once again they are going up  and so it is regret that I have to raise the cost of overseas postage to £5.00, UK postage weill still  remain free. As always this is a set price regardless of the number of CD’s purchased. I am sorry  about this increase but rest assured you will still get the same high service that you have in the past.  All CDs are Post Free to UK addresses. Overseas postage is £5.00 regardless of the number of CDs bought. PAYMENT My preferred method of payment is by card, which can be safely completed through the secure payment page when you check out. However, if you do wish to pay by cheque please make it payable to “B.D. Welchman”.  PLEASE ENJOY BROWSING THE SITE Genealogical and Local History Books on CD Relating to the West Country
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